The IAEA promotes art education from every level of instruction through Professional
Development, Service, Advancement of Knowledge, and Leadership.  The IAEA is a non--profit,
educational organization.


Whether you have been an art advocate in education for 50 years or just considering membership,
the Idaho Art Education Association is for you.  The IAEA, representing art educators, artists, art
consultants, and art administrators at all levels from pre-school to university graduate school, is a
professional non-profit organization, complying with all equal opportunity guidelines.  A board of
officers who hold their positions for two years governs the IAEA. The board and membership live
and teach throughout the state of Idaho.


To plan and hold a conference annually. To strengthen and provide quality art education to
educators and administrators from grades pre-K and higher education within both public and
private institutions.  
The annual state art conference includes over 25 participatory workshops, panels, discussions,
luncheons, president's reception, exhibits by national and local art suppliers, and gallery tours ...
keynote addresses by acclaimed educators, artists, and scholars ... a once-a-year opportunity to
visit and meet colleagues from all over the state of Idaho.  Conference attendance will select 1 of 4
workshops from each of 7 sessions.


To coincide with the Idaho in-service dates each year, selecting a different location every
two-to-three years, depending on membership and board direction.  Members and non-members
may attend the conference with a registration fee.  There is also a reduced College and University
student fee.  Since this is the only art education conference held in the state during the Fall state
in-service dates, an undergraduate and post-graduate credit needs to be available for all classroom
teachers and art educators.  


-Updated Newsletters and Website Updates

-Members-Only Discounted Conference Rate

-Over the last several years, IAEA has held annual conferences that enable teachers to
Promote       School Art, and Purposes, Principles, and Standards for School Art Programs.

-Your voice in Promoting School Art, and Purposes, Principles, and Standards for School
Art          Programs.

-Vital contact with state and district directors of art education, association presidents, and
other        professionals concerned with the role and problems of art teachers in our schools
Idaho Art Education Association
The IAEA membership fee in included in the yearly conference payment. If you are not attending the conference and
would like to pay for only your membership dues, you may access the online conference registration form. Payments are
accepted through PayPal or by printing the
membership form and mailing it with a check to the current treasurer listed on
the form.
The IAEA membership fee is included in the professional development state and region conferences.
BUT If you did not attend a conference this year, PLEASE pay for your membership dues separately.
Payments are accepted through PayPal or by check after filling out this form. See instructions after you
submit this form.

The benefits of membership include:
Coming soon: Full access to exclusive members-only content on the IAEA website
Newsletters:  highlighting IAEA events, student work, Educator recognition, and more
Discounts on IAEA State Conference registration fees and other professional learning events including
master classes
IAEA Art Classroom Grants: Eligibility for new IAEA art room grants
Art Advocacy Support: your support helps our organization stay strong and continue to promote art
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